Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storms Cause More Than Water Damage

Pictured here is damage caused to the roof and ceiling of a home due to a storm. Storms can often cause physical damage to homes either by falling trees or by the weight of water or snow causing roofs to collapse. 

Trees Fall Where They Want To

Pictured here is damage caused to the home, specifically to the roof and ceiling after a storm knocked down a huge tree onto the home. Not only does a tree falling during a storm cause physical damage to the home but it also often results in water damage as rain or snow can then easily access the home. At SERVPRO we are here to help you clean up the mess.

Storm Damage Can Cause A Big Mess

At SERVPRO we go in after a storm and clear up and clear out the damage caused to your home or office. We dry out the cause like the water damage pictured here and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Roof Damage From a Storm

This is the aftermath of a hurricane and the damage suffered to the attic and roof. Water seeped through into the attic and to other areas of the home. At SERVPRO we were able to clean and dry up the mess and remove all damaged areas. 

We will get to you!

Here is an example of how far we will go, even into flood waters to get to you. After a severe hurricane we were called out to the area to assist. We drove through the floods in order to get to the homes that needed our services. 

We Will Get Through the Storm!

Even through the floods left behind after a storm, we at SERVPRO Greensboro North will get to you! We were called in to help in Wilmington, NC after the Hurricane and while Wilmington was closed off, we made certain once water had receded some to drive our way through whatever flooding remained in order to assist in restoring properties.