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Flood Damage From Severe Thunderstorm Impacts Homeowner

Flash flooding from a severe thunderstorm that rolled through the Piedmont Triad area damaged the flooring, walls, and ceiling of a home near the downtown area ... READ MORE

Tree Falls On House Causing Water Damage To Greensboro House

During a severe thunderstorm with torrential rainfall, a large tree planted next to a house in a historical neighborhood north of Bryan Boulevard. Water damage ... READ MORE

Soot Damaged Kitchen Ceilings

A kitchen fire erupted in an apartment of an apartment complex that had been renovated recently with modern interior design features. Mitigating fire damage req... READ MORE

After The Fire is Put Out SERVPRO is Here

SERVPRO of Greensboro North is here for you once the flames are put out but before and after the dust has settled. Pictured here the homeowners experienced a fi... READ MORE

SERVPRO is Here For Commercial Properties

Whether it's to your home or business, water emergencies cause significant damage. At SERVPRO of Greensboro North we are here to respond quickly. We show up to ... READ MORE

At SERVPRO We Handle the Dirty Jobs

Sewage back ups or accidents need to be taken care of immediately. Such situations should be handled as and considered an emergency situation. The water may con... READ MORE

At SERVPRO We Get Rid of Mold Where it Hides

A house is only as strong as its foundation, so if you have a damaging mold issue, call us at SERVPRO of Greensboro North for a professional evaluation and acti... READ MORE

SERVPRO Is Here To Locate Water Damage

Water is particularly invasive, and quickly spreads throughout your property as it absorbs into floors, walls, furniture, etc. As pictured here where water seep... READ MORE

SERVPRO Comes In To Take Out Water Damage

SERVPRO of Greensboro North has the expertise and equipment to mitigate residential water losses. In this particular situation, we removed not only the source o... READ MORE

Water Heater in Closet Malfunctions

This residence experienced serious water damage after their water heater malfunctioned. SERVPRO of Greensboro North has the expertise and equipment to mitigate ... READ MORE