Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Attempts To Ruin

While a fire can cause a tremendous amount of emotional stress, our team is not only faster to any disaster, but gets to work. We know that we never know what w... READ MORE

Garage Destroyed By Water and Debri

When we opened this garage door, we knew it was time to 'eat'.  Our team likes nothing more than to be presented with a challenge first thing on a Monday m... READ MORE

Crawlspaces Matter

While most guys & gals will completely avoid even looking, our crew goes above/below & beyond. Check out how much care in the detail of this job. In man... READ MORE

Fire in media room in Randolph County

This before picture was taken in a media room that experienced fire damage.  While it's hard to get some companies to respond to the scene on a Saturday, w... READ MORE

Awning damage at country club in Greensboro, NC

The damage to this awning at a local country club was the result of a large truck backing into it during a delivery.  The metal support beams were bent hal... READ MORE

Car through building in Greensboro, NC

Have you ever wondered who people call when a car goes through their building?  They call SERVPRO!  An impaired driver caused major damage and a huge ... READ MORE