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Restoring Local Office Space For Business

1/2/2020 (Permalink)

Cafeteria with 3 long tan tables and maroon chairs scooted in. Bulletin board and fire extinguisher on wall. The restored cafeteria of Baltek Inc.

The SERVPRO of Greensboro North team recently cleaned up and restored multiple rooms of the Baltek Inc that experienced water damage during the last quarter of the year. Our team’s training and equipment in restoring facilities that experience water damage is reputable from numerous positive reviews on Google as well as Facebook. Once our office received the call of the need for our expertise in the field the team responded in due time to resolve the situation. 

Unresolved water damage to your company’s facilities may result in deterioration of work equipment and health concerns for your employees. Resolving these issues in a timely manner is best advised. Damage to the foyer, restrooms, locker rooms and cafeteria required our production workers to utilize a dehumidifier to resolve to begin the process of preparing the room for more in-depth restoration. The technicians also applied a plant-based anti-microbial agent to the floor to prepare it before further inquiry. Portions of the carpet were able to be salvaged by the crew, but, unfortunately, other portions were unable to be salvaged. The SERVPRO crew also focused on water extraction for the hard-wood flooring of the rest of the facility to restore it before the water damage occurred.

If you’ve experienced a fire and water damage to your business or home, then call us at SERVPRO of Greensboro North. We can be reached 24/7 and 365 at 336-379-1772.

A Fresh Cleaning For The New Year

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

office building sitting area with carpet of varying triangles and quadrilaterals. Black ottoman, tan armchairs, and windows. ottoman, chairs, and table in the sitting room area of an office.

As the holiday season comes to a close and the new year begins; business owners have a lot of tasks on their list to knock out. One of those bullet points should be a deep cleaning of an office’s carpet and upholstery. Fortunately, your SERVPRO of Greensboro North team is well equipped to provide an above-average solution to your carpet cleaning and upholstery needs. 

The professional cleaning service the SERVPRO of Greensboro North is industry certified in several cleaning methods and is ready to service your flooring regardless of its quality status. The hot water extraction is one of the methods our team utilizes for the commercial carpet cleaning service. This method enables our team to remove overzealous odors that may dampen the overall experience of your office spaces and prevents the re-soiling of the carpet, assisting in it’s continued durability. 

If you’ve experienced a fire and fire damage to your business or home, then call us at SERVPRO of Greensboro North. We can be reached 24/7 and 365 at 336-379-1772.

More Guests, More Problems

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

Bathroom with black and white flooring with white toilet, white sink, mirror cabinet, window, and green plants white ceramic pedestal sink and toilet bathroom

For thousands of families across the Piedmont Triad this past Christmas season who welcome guests into their home they’re probably going to be keeping an eye out for their upcoming water bill. Some property owners may have also rented out their spaces to people during the holidays while they were visiting loved ones elsewhere. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea to do a maintenance check-up of your utilities to ensure everything is functioning as best as possible. Water damage can occur to your property from several places including the sink, shower, and toilet. 

Checking the drainage is the first step in your water damage preventive efforts. If the drainage is moving slower than usual it’s important to take steps to rectify the situation before the system continues to deteriorate. Check on your property’s toilets as well as the clogging may lead to overflowing which may spill out onto your carpet causing damage that will require professional existence. If your carpet is damaged, because of water overflowing from your toilet may cause a distinct odor that may be hard to get rid of on your own. Taking these preventive steps may save you a substantial amount of money and stress during the first weeks of the new year. 

If you’ve experienced a fire or water damage to your business or home, then call us at SERVPRO of Greensboro North. We can be reached 24/7 and 365 at 336-379-1772.

Behind The Scenes We're Just Like You

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

head shot of SERVPRO employee with blond hair and blue eyes. Ashly Crockett, Director of Sales and Marketing

SERVPRO of Greensboro North works with people during some of the most trying moments of their lives. Property damage can be stressful and finding a proper firm to restore it to its prior condition can be a headache. Being aware of that we do our best to provide exceptional customer service to help relieve the pain of unfortunate circumstances. Whether it's communicating on the phone, through email, or in-person; each SERVPRO of Greensboro North employee on the receiving end of the conversation strives to be as professional as possible. 

Maintaining our professionalism is of our utmost importance. With that being the case we try to have fun too! With the holiday season upon us, here is our Director of Sales and Marketing, Ashly Crockett, reflecting on childhood and now adult memories of Christmas. 

My favorite Christmas memory was with my dad when I was about 8 years old. My sister and I used to go to the Christmas tree farm with our dad every year. One year I picked out a tree and said “oh daddy, isn’t it the most beautiful tree in the whole wide world? He said “absolutely” and bought it and loaded it in the back of the truck and brought it home and put it in the tree stand. He said we would decorate it on Saturday. Saturday came and we decorated the tree and I thought it was the most beautiful tree ever. It wasn’t until many years later (I was an adult) I found out my dad went back to the Christmas tree farm while we were in school and got a bigger, less Charlie Brown looking, beautiful Christmas tree and brought it home and replaced the one I picked out and never told me and for years let me believe that I picked out the most perfect tree our family ever had.

My next favorite Christmas memory came when I was a teenager. My sister and I would still wake up early to rush downstairs to see what “Santa” brought us. One particular year he brought us luggage. We laughed and laughed and thought it was the most ridiculous gift because what 14 year old was interested in luggage? When mom and dad woke up we of course told them thank you and that we had been laughing about it. They asked if we opened the luggage and we laughed and said no. When we opened it we found out that we were going on a cruise as a family. It was one of the best vacations we ever went on as a family. It's one of the reasons I now live for memories over things.

Know What's Coming So You're Prepared For The Worst

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

person holding remote pointed at flat-screen tv that is on a tv stand. turned on flat-screen tv.

Every year it appears that Winter comes earlier and earlier with snowstorms and blizzards occurring even in parts of October. This past week a Winter snowstorm has crippled parts of the midwest and northeast with inches of snow. Being aware of the weather forecast is key to helping keep your property protected from the uncontrollable elements of the season. 

As new weather forecast models and radar systems have been developed in the last several decades; meteorologists are able to more closely watch and predict upcoming weather systems. For the last half-century, or so the vast majority of people got their updates on the weather for the day and week from their local weatherman. Television was king along with a sliver of radio and in some fashion, local print news. With the advent of the internet though many more people now to receive the weather forecast for their local area through digital mediums relying less on television news. Being the cast it is still important for individuals to choose their media outlets wisely before taking what the site presents as conclusive. 

Just a few tips to make sure you’re being given the best information weather-wise. 

  1. Investigate to learn if the website or app you’re using for local weather updates is actually reviewed by actual people, or is it a computer just generating the report. That can be done by going to the about us or contact us page to learn if the team is located locally, or nationally. If it’s national then the chances are much higher it is generated by a computer and not deeply analyzed by a local news meteorologist for accuracy. 
  2. Secondly, while new, innovative technologies have made weather forecasting a much more efficient process it is still not completely accurately especially with long-range forecasts that go out over a week. Typically forecast that goes out that far aren’t as reliable. 
  3. Lastly, do a bit of research on weather forecasting of your own. Beforehand without the internet, the need to rely on local meteorologists to explain weather occurrences was much greater due to many people not knowing that much about the weather. Now everyone, for the most part, has access to this information.

If you’ve experienced a fire and fire damage to your business or home, then call us at SERVPRO of Greensboro North. We can be reached 24/7 and 365 at 336-379-1772.

Don't Let Winter Weather Do Harm To Your Property

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

snow covering yellow car on the street in front of historical home with Christmas decorated light post and tree outside. A snow-covered car parked on street in Greensboro neighborhood. Courtesy of VOA

This time last year the Piedmont Triad area was in the midst of thawing out from a record-breaking snowstorm that paralyzed commuting routes for residents and halted brick-and-mortar holiday shopping for days. Fortunately, the local news station meteorologist was able to equip the area with the important information necessary to ride out the winter storm. Interestingly enough the snow the area received for this area occurred before the official start of Winter and it turned out to be the only measurable amount of snow for the 2019-2020 winter season. 

Nevertheless being prepared for when storms do roll through the area no matter if it’s a regular episode, or a once a season event. With knowledge of impending storms encroaching on the area, people were able to prepare efficiently for the possibility of their property being damaged by the winter weather. It’s important to take a look around your property to see if there are any weak points on your property where snow could damage a portion of it. It could be a gutter, downspout, or any exterior objects added to the property over the years. Also, evaluating the status of your roof, preferably by a professional is a key component of any winter weather preparedness strategy. 

If you’ve experienced a fire and fire damage to your business or home, then call us at SERVPRO of Greensboro North. We can be reached 24/7 and 365 at 336-379-1772.

SERVPRO of Greensboro North Assist the Pavilion Restaurant

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Fire flames with a black background. Fire flames

Back in October of this year, the SERVPRO of Greensboro North team was contacted by the Pavilion Restaurant due to the unfortunate circumstance of fire damage in the garage behind the restaurant where the office was located. Damage to a commercial property may upend businesses altogether and cause difficult decisions to be made about its future. The damage caused to the office space for the Pavilion Restaurant rendered much of the present contents in the facility unusable therefore needing to be removed.

Fortunately, the SERVPRO of the Greensboro North team with its specialization in fire and water restoration are also equipped to remove any possessions that are unable to be used. Disposing of fire-damaged materials from a structure is an important first step in the restoration process of your property. Doing so will allow you to clearly evaluate the necessary repairs needed to the property and take the necessary steps to move forward. 

If you’ve experienced a fire and fire damage to your business or home, then call us at SERVPRO of Greensboro North. We can be reached 24/7 and 365 at 336-379-1772.

Expertly Trained and Industry Certified

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

IICRC Certified Firm logo and circular dots that combine to create a sphere.. IICRC Certified Firm logo.

The SERVPRO of Greensboro North team features a well-trained staff of professionals ready to assess the situation that you are presently experiencing and deliver quality service to provide an above satisfactory result. Whether experiencing a fire, water, or storm damage our SERVPRO team is ready to assist you throughout the process. Equipped with training and certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification which is the industry standard for tried-and-true methods.

IICRC, as it is better known by, provides certifications and standards for companies and contractors in the property restoration industry. Including fire, water, and storm damage to cleaning services for carpet as well as upholstery. Choosing a company that is certified by the IICRC and has trained its workers in the respected practices is paramount to ensuring your situation is resolved with the highest priority. 

The training and certifications received by the SERVPRO of Greensboro North team are not singular occurrences, but a reoccurring set of modules and test to prepare our team to best serve you during one of the more difficult points in your life.

Electric Fire Prevention For The Winter Season

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Christmas lights containing an assortment of colors on the roof of a house in the evening time. Christmas lights hanging on the roof of a house.

The holiday season is in full swing and homeowners will decorate their homes inside and out with an assortment of lights and decorations to contribute to the overall atmosphere of your residence. With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, it is very easy to lose track of everything going on; forgetting the finer details that will keep you, your family, and home safe. Increasing the electrical utilization of your home inevitable increases the likelihood of your residence catching on fire and following these tips may equip you to fully enjoy this holiday season. 

All electrical equipment purchased or utilized is required to have a statement on the box stating this equipment is acceptable to use by the federal government. Utilizing government-approved equipment for your decorations is a key step and not doing so can put your family at risk. If the equipment instructions specify for indoor or outdoor use it is paramount that you follow those instructions and not just take it under advisement. 

Be sure when setting up your lights and decorations that they’re placed away from any standing water or snow to reduce the risk of causing an electrical fire to your residence. The placing of electric equipment near any standing water may also cause electrocution. Also, keep any Christmas decorations away from community power lines to reduce the likelihood of over-usage.  

Lastly, turn off the Christmas decorations or unplug them completely when sleeping or leaving your residence for an extended period of time. Although an inconvenience the inability to respond immediately if a fire was to occur when the amount to more damage overall.

SERVPRO of Greensboro North Participates in the Greensboro Holiday Parade

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Whoville sign attached to makeshift chimney underneath blue sky. SERVPRO of WHOVILLE for Greenboro Holiday Parade, Saturday, December 7.

Massive hot air figurines, carefully crafted floats, and crowd-pleasing marching bands are just a few words, to sum up, Saturday’s Greensboro Holiday Parade. The SERVPRO of Greensboro North team participated in the parade with members of our staff who assisted in creating the float utilized to cruise down Greene Street onto West Market Street and back down Church street. Bringing inspiration from the famous holiday classic television special, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the SERVPRO team constructed and crafted a SERVPRO of WHOVILLE float to represent our brand to the Greater Greensboro area. One of our SERVPRO employees chose to go a step further with the theme and dressed in a Grinch costume which was a might hit with the crowd especially the children who made comical remarks as the Grinch appeared down every corner. 

SERVPRO of Greensboro North is there for people during some of the worst moments of their life, assisting them in returning to some sense of normalcy after a tragedy. Understanding that we take advantage of the opportunities to engage with the community in more positive circumstances including such events as the Greensboro Holiday Parade. 

Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting us!