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Interview Regarding Mold & Your Home

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Don't use bleach..Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Greensboro North is a full service restoration company specializing in fire, water, mold and biohazard remediation. We are also a general contractor so we can put everything back together after the demolition, cleaning and drying is completed. SERVPRO of Greensboro North is also a Large Loss Response Team designee. Of over 1,600 franchises, we are one of only a handful LLRTs. As an LLRT we travel anywhere in the US to help with acute damage, usually from hurricanes and flooding. We are also the trainership for Central NC. New franchise owners and there staff get their training from us as well as support with all areas of their business to ensure success.

A lot of times mold can't easily be seen or hasn't been found yet. Can you briefly talk about some of the different places or ways homes can have "unseen" mold damage?

When water spills it travels to the lowest point it can find and wicks into porous material like wood or sheetrock. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. And when "it's there" it continues to do damage. It will go behind walls, absorb into insulation, into floor vents, into and under subflooring and with enough volume, into crawl spaces. Untreated it can fuel mold growth in all these areas within 72 hours.

What are some of the dangers of not taking care of mold damage properly?

Small issues can become huge problems when mold is left untreated. With proper conditions it will continue to grow and continue to destroy porous surfaces?this includes wood framing, drywall, furniture.

If water spills into an HVAC vent and isn't properly dried, the likelihood of mold is high. Once in that vent, mold can be circulated throughout the system and throughout the house. That's a big problem we see often.

Mold is an allergen and affects people differently. It can cause sore throats, chronic coughing and other ailments. Exposure over time can create more serious respiratory ailments with children and the elderly being the most at risk.

Are there any specific circumstances when a homeowner should always check for mold growth?

We recommend that people go into their crawl space every 6 months just to look and see. The same rule applies to HVAC units and water heaters.
Any time there is a significant water spill of just a few gallons or more, a professional should be consulted. Most of the mold issues we see are from people trying to save a dollar by doing things themselves. What they often don't realize is that water damage is often covered by homeowners' insurance. Mold from improper drying is not. Even if the damage doesn't exceed the policy's deductible, a pro needs to clean it up. Cleaning up a small water damage is always less expensive than the thousands of dollars to clean mold.

Do you have any advice for what homeowners should do after a flood or leak in their house, before a professional mold reconstruction/remediation company arrives?

Flood water is dangerous and should be considered contaminated. Stay out and call a pro.
PRIOR to a leak, learn how to turn off water to sinks and toilets as well as main shut-offs. Train your children/parents on how to do this.

After a leak?turn off the source of the water. That might involve a plumber. Use towels to absorb as much water as possible. But, do not leave wet towels on hardwood. As the towels absorb, put them in the dryer or spin the excess water out in the washer and then dry them. Replace them with dry towels. Pay close attention to floor vents and do what you can to keep the water out of those vents so that it won't damage your HVAC system.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

We are here to help and to be a value add to our community. We will provide advice and coaching all day long in an attempt to help folks with manageable situations so that they don't have to incur a bill or file a claim. We can be reached 24/7 at 336-379-1772. Our phones are answered by live people 24 hours. If you don't get a live person, hang up and call back.

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